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Join Us For Our Monthly Meeting!
Northern IL NCGR Meeting: Tues., September 14, 7:30 pm

Elizabeth Hazel - Election Basics: The Art Of Choosing The Best Time

Election Basics:
The Art Of Choosing The Best Time. We’ll discuss the most important steps for selecting an election chart for a client or yourself. Liz will outline astrological recipes for choosing a successful election and share tricks for boosting results. You will learn about planetary significators and houses as they are used in choosing the best chart. Liz will also demonstrate how she uses electional charts to cover a variety of goals and purposes.


Elizabeth Hazel is an astrologer, tarotist, and author. She is the President of the NCGR-SMARRT/ Ann Arbor Chapter. Her books include Tarot Decoded, Little Book of Fixed Stars, Antiscia:Secrets in the Mirror, Twelve-House Tarot Spreads, and the Whispering Tarot deck and book. You can contact Liz at: 419-242-1696 (office land line / answering machine) email:



A Special Announcement:

We will continue to use Zoom in the foreseeable future, and as long as we do, our monthly meetings will be free to members and non-members alike.

Also, effective immediately, if you would like a link to a zoom meeting, we are charging $5.00 per link; you can purchase 5 links at the same time for $20.00. Our lectures on tape go back to April 2020. If you are purchasing a link, please email Tim at with your name and what lecture(s) you are paying for.
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